Working slick talking flexes into his locked-in triplets, Kenny Muney is the next Paper Route Empire rapper to hit the big time. Today, Kenny announces Blue Muney (Deluxe), the expansion of his recent mixtape Blue Muney. The new version adds eight new songs to the Memphis native’s tape, including the Tay Keith-produced “AOGG.” Blue Muney (Deluxe) hits the internet on May 19th via Paper Route Empire.

Along with the announcement of the Deluxe, Kenny Muney shares the video for “Ramen Noodles Digital Scales.” With a title that alludes to Kenny’s trapping past, the AIMONMYNECK -produced “Ramen Noodles Digital Scales” finds the Young Dolph protege reminiscing about his lowest moments, and detailing how he not only emerged from his circumstances, but elevated to the upper echelon. Rocking a deliberate, emphatic flow, Kenny stacks pop culture references, comparing himself to heavyweights in multiple disciplines: “Nothing slim about these gems, my diamonds hit like Ali ‘nem/My diamonds hit like Frazier ‘nem, remember those days I couldn’t pay for them/Ay rest in peace my brother Dolph, my whole life a Major film.” In the video, Kenny makes a trip to Brooklyn, balling out in sight of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and reflecting on his more modest past.

The follow-up to last year’s Time Is Muney, Blue Muney finds Kenny locking into trunk-rattling instrumentals with surgical precision, packing more flexes into his rapidfire triplets than one can count. Released in April, the tape is home to fiery singles like the guitar-driven “Top,” the soulful intro “Muney Prayer,” and the Hitkidd-produced “In A Rush.” Featuring additional production from Bandplay and more, with guest appearances from his PRE brother Key Glock, Money Man, Ceo Jizzle, and KATO2X, Blue Muney is available everywhere via Paper Route Empire. Kenny Muney recently wrapped up his supporting role on Key Glock’s sold out “The Glockoma Tour.”

With Blue Muney and the upcoming Blue Muney (Deluxe), Kenny Muney shows that he has the talent and determination to succeed in the Empire-building business. Stay tuned for more from Kenny Muney and Paper Route Empire.

Watch the video: 

Blue Muney tracklist:
*denotes new track for the Deluxe
1. No Rest*
2. Walkin*
3. Mrs. Muney*
4. Lil Boys*
5. After That*
6. AOGG ft. Tay Keith*
7. Spendin & Spinnin*
8. Ramen Noodles Digital Scales*
9. Muney Prayer
10. Whole Lotta Errthang
11. Antartica ft. Key Glock
12. The Top
13. Holy Water
14. Shake
15. In My Bag ft. Money Man
16. Something Else
17. Stand On It ft. CEO Jizzle & KATO2X
18. In A Rush
19. Big Muney Sh*t