Things are getting crazier and crazier surrounding the YSL Case. If you haven’t up with the case we will fill you in on the details. YSL Mondo is a co-founder of the notorious YSL Case which derives from the street gang “Roc Crew” or Raised on Cleveland. He was not included in the recent indictment as he was incarcerated at the time of the arrest of Young Thug, Gunna & 20-plus alleged members. The crazy part is that before Fani Willias was the DA of Atlanta she actually represented Mondo and helped him beat some charges he was facing. Well, a few months ago he decided to go on a promo run via Youtube releasing new music and doing interviews with the likes of Adam 22 of No Jumper & Bricc Baby.

Today things are getting spicy after Donald Trump who Fani Willis is trying to prosecute spoke some new information during a press run about the Atlanta D.A. Trump claims that amongst the legal system, there have been claims that she had an affair with a gang member who if you have been tapped into the internet streets you would know that he is talking about YSL Mondo. The crazy part about the timing is that YSL Mondo was just arrested a few days ago on multiple gun, drug charges in Cobb County, GA. We have included sources for you all to check up on the stories below.

Donald Trump speaks on Fani Willis’s alleged affair:

Check the video below of the recent arrest of YSL Mondo