• June 4, 2023
  • Brand New Hip Hop
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This is an interesting and sad story all at the same time. 21 Savage was going viral a month or so ago after clips surfaced online of him bragging about putting hits on 30-plus gang members via Club House. Today a brand new via surfaced online where Atlanta comedian & radio host Shawty explained that 21 Savage put a targeted hit on his son in Atlanta. He explains that he didn’t know his son was the one arguing with 21 Savage on Club House at the time but found out later after his son’s car was shot up after 21 Savage “dropped a bag” on his son. Watch the video here. You can watch the video where 21 Savage was bragging about catching 30 bodies below the Twitter video of Shawty explaining the situation.

21 Savage brags about catching 30 bodies.