Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy’s Beef: A Timeline

Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy are two of the most popular rappers in the world today. They are both young, talented, and successful, but they have also been involved in a long-running beef.

The beef began in 2019, when Lil Baby was asked about NBA Youngboy in an interview. Lil Baby said that he didn’t think NBA Youngboy was a good rapper, and that he was only popular because of his street image.

NBA Youngboy took offense to Lil Baby’s comments, and he responded with a diss track called “I Ain’t Scared.” In the song, NBA Youngboy called Lil Baby a “hater” and a “fake.”

Lil Baby responded to NBA Youngboy’s diss track with his own song called “Subzero.” In the song, Lil Baby called NBA Youngboy a “wannabe” and a “clown.”

The beef between Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy has continued for several years, with both rappers releasing diss tracks and taking shots at each other on social media.

In 2021, the beef escalated when NBA Youngboy’s friend, Quando Rondo, was involved in a shooting that left Lil Durk’s friend, King Von, dead. Lil Baby was close friends with King Von, and he was angered by Quando Rondo’s involvement in the shooting.

Lil Baby took to social media to call out Quando Rondo, and he even offered to pay $100,000 for Quando Rondo’s head.

NBA Youngboy responded to Lil Baby’s threats by saying that he would “kill” Lil Baby if he ever saw him.

The beef between Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy is one of the most heated beefs in hip-hop today. It is unclear when or if the beef will ever end, but it is sure to continue to be a source of drama and excitement in the hip-hop world.

What is the cause of the beef?

There are a few possible reasons for the beef between Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy. One possibility is that they are simply competing for the same fans. Both rappers are young, talented, and successful, and they are both trying to be the top rapper in the world.

Another possibility is that the beef is personal. Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy have both been involved in violence, and it is possible that they have had personal beefs with each other in the past.

Whatever the cause of the beef, it is clear that Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy do not like each other. They have been taking shots at each other for years, and it is unlikely that the beef will end anytime soon.

What are the consequences of the beef?

The beef between Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy has had a number of consequences. First, it has divided the hip-hop community. Fans of Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy are often at odds with each other, and the beef has created a lot of animosity between the two camps.

Second, the beef has damaged the reputations of both Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy. They are both talented rappers, but the beef has made them seem petty and immature.

Third, the beef has made it difficult for both Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy to collaborate with other rappers. Many rappers are reluctant to work with either rapper for fear of getting caught up in the beef.

The beef between Lil Baby and NBA Youngboy is a negative example of how competition can lead to conflict. It is a reminder that even the most successful people can be petty and immature. It is also a reminder that violence is never the answer.


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