Rappers Latto and Coi Leray reportedly got into a fight at Pharrell Williams’ Something in the Water Festival in Virginia Beach, Virginia. on Saturday, April 29.

According to TMZ, the two rappers got into an argument backstage, which escalated into a physical altercation. Witnesses say that Leray was seen throwing punches at Latto, and that security had to intervene to break up the fight.

Neither Latto nor Leray have commented on the reports of the fight, but both rappers have since posted cryptic messages on social media. Latto shared a photo of herself with the caption, “I’m not the one to play with,” while Leray posted a video of herself dancing with the caption, “I’m not worried about nobody.”

The fight between Latto and Leray is the latest in a series of high-profile beefs in the hip-hop world. It remains to be seen how the fight between Latto and Leray will play out after it makes its round on social media. However, it is clear that the hip-hop world is no stranger to drama.


A video has surfaced on social media that appears to show Latto and Leray fighting backstage at Something in the Water Festival. The video, which is blurry and shaky, shows the two rappers exchanging punches and kicks. Security guards eventually intervene to break up the fight.

It is unclear what caused the fight, but it is possible that it was sparked by Latto’s recent diss track, “Put It On Da Floor.” In the song, Latto takes aim at several female rappers, including Leray. The lines which instigated this beef are:

“Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray
Bitches like to run their mouths but I’m the type to run the fade
When your diamonds hit like this, you don’t ever see the shade – Latto

Leray has not yet responded to the video of the fight. However, she did post a cryptic message on Twitter on Sunday, April 30. “I’m not worried about nobody,” she wrote.

It remains to be seen how this situation will play out. However, it is clear that the beef between Latto and Leray is far from over. Click the provided link to hear Latto diss Coi Leray on her latest song Put It On Da Floor.

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