Gunna has returned from his hiatus and is back to dropping new music. Gunna hasn’t release new music since being released from Fulton County for his role in the YSL Rico indictment and today he’s back with a new song where he addressed the allegations of him being a snitch.

Gunna seemingly responds to fellow rap stars Lil Durk, Lil Durk and Boosie Badazz on the song as the three were very vocal about their opinions towards the Atlanta native for “cooperating with the police”. Gunna speaks on the fellow rappers switching up on him on the record which is the first song he has officially dropped since his release.

Gunna responds to Lil Baby, Lil Durk & Boosie on the lines “F*ck them boys, I found out who my real partners, And who was only with me ’cause I had dollars”

He continues: [Verse 1]
Never fucked a n*gga, always stayed solid
Kept it real with n*ggas, never lied and always stay honest
Love my bro so much, I never change on ’em
Hunna Wunna goin’ do the work, bring you the damn profits
Hustled on my own, I always did know how to sеll product
They ain’t gave me shit, I grind so long, camе from the damn bottom
Every n*gga speakin’ on my name could have some real problems
We are not the same, ain’t in my lane, I got my own column, yeah
Peepin’ sh*t, I’m seein’ n*ggas fall back
You bitch-**s n*ggas got me as the topic of the chat
You switched on me when you know you in business with a rat
And the boy that’s like your brother, and nobody speak on that
The city see it clearly if I had to state a fact
You still fuck with a n*gga that done got yo’ partner (Wacked)
Had these n*ggas talkin’, only knew ’em ’cause of Slatt
You rap boys need more streams, heard he put my name on wax
You wouldn’t even believe, I ain’t had to watch my back
It’s n*ggas really talkin’, how you think we done got snatched?
Nobody sent a kite, I sent it wrong way, didn’t get it back
This sh*t done got off track, let’s get it back on track”

[Verse 2]
F*ck I pay the lawyers all those mills for?
Just so I won’t have to say a word to dodge a railroad
N*ggas find it hard to understand, though
Dog can’t put me down, I been locked down, I don’t know which way to go
Never gave no statement or agreed to take no stand on ’em
On whatever you n*ggas on, then trust me, I’ma stand on it
Lawyers and the DA did some sneaky sh*t, I fell for it
On my Ps and Qs because, this time, I be prepared for it, yeah
‘Posed to shine, these n*ggas throwin’ shade, though
I can get him hit, but I’ma just chill and just see how it go
What he say? He want some smoke with me, ain’t in my time zone
Any given day, I could just pop out one of them side doors
Gunna, he too slick, you ain’t gon know which way I pled
Sh*t too hot, I can’t even put no money in—
Pullin’ up, pop out, like, “What the f*ck you n*ggas said?”
Ain’t with all that talkin’, this the last time I’ma say it
Prolly think I’m sick, the way I keep poppin’ these meds
I finally found out that’s just the way the devil dance
Had too many n*ggas ’round I fed that bit my hand
I got too many folks to feed, you just don’t understand, yeah

Get your first listen to Gunna’s Bread & Butter song which was released with a brand new music video here.